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Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Video: Trey Songz- Simply Amazing

Trey Songz 'Chapter 5' Final Track Listing And Features...

01. Chapter V Intro
02. Dive In
03. Panty Wetter (Interlude)
04. Heart Attack
05. Playin’ Hard
06. 2 Reasons feat. T.I.
07. Hail Mary feat. Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne
08. Don’t Be Scared feat. Rick Ross
09. Pretty Girl’s Lie
10. Bad Decisions
11. Forever Yours
12. Inside Enterlude (Interlude)
13. Fumble
14. Without a Woman
15. Interlude 4 U (Interlude)
16. Simply Amazing
17. Never Again
18. Check Me Out feat. Diddy & Meek Mill

Keith Lemon Covers RWD Magazine

Bobby V Ft. Lil Wayne- Mirror

Monday, 23 July 2012

New Video: Jeremiah- Go To The Mo (OVER 18'S ONLY!!)

New Jeremiah joint of off the forthcoming mixtape 'Late Nights', which sounds like it's going to be VERY DECENT!!!


G.O.O.D. Music Album Pushed Backed To September...

The most anticipated album of the summer will now be available in stores and online September 4th! The original release date was August 7th.

Peep what the G.O.O.D. artists had to say about the music and album...

New Video: Lemar- Invincible

Friday, 20 July 2012

The ORIGINAL Sugababes Return... As MKS

The three original members of The Sugababes have reunited as 'MKS' (Mutya, Keisha, Siobhan).

MKS are set to officially release new material in the near future, with Siobhan telling Popjustice-

"The first time we sang in a room together and worked out our harmonies and sang them together was recording a song called Too In Love.


"It was the first time we'd sang together since we were 16 years old. To be honest with you it wasn't an instant thing. When we were younger we gelled straight away, but we had to learn to blend with each other again."

"It was so special to be excited about hearing our voices together, and being excited about our music. On my days off I'd go home and I'd listen to the tracks. I'd be like, 'I'm really enjoying this'. I just enjoyed our music."

I look forward to hearing their new sound and how they gel after such a long time apart.

(Image Via @keisha_buchanan)

New Music: Rick Ross Ft. Dr Dre And Jay-Z- 3 Kings *** THE REAL IS BACK!!!***

Rick Ross Ft. Dr Dre And Jay-Z- 3 Kings

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Elle Varner Releases 'Perfectly Imperfect' Album Cover And Track Listing...

01. Only Wanna Give It to You feat. J. Cole
02. Refill
03. Sound Proof Room
04. I Don’t Care
05. Not Tonight
06. Leaf
07. Oh What a Night
08. Stop the Clock
09. Welcome Home
10. Damn Good Friends
11. So Fly

New Video: Beaupierre- Angelus Custos ***NO MORE LADY FURY***


So for ages I kept asking Co' (Beaupierre), 'Where's the new material???', and she kept telling me 'It's coming, it's coming', and here it is!

 Firstly let me say-


Fury is now a thing of the past, gone, forget about her, it's now time for Beaupierre to step to the forefront and bring in a new wave of urban UK music.

'Angelus Custos' is the first single to be released of her Beau's forthcoming album. It's always a good look when a female MC joins the group of spitters reppin' the ladies to the fullest.

Check back for more material in the not so distant future...

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day 26 Call It Quits... For Now!?!

Former Bad Boy Records recording artists, Day 26, have decided to put the group on hold whilst they concentrate on solo careers and ventures.

A statement was released by their representative saying-

It is with great sadness and deep pain that we regret to inform you that effective immediately, Atlantic Records Platinum recording group, DAY26 have decided to take a break from the group and focus on their own individual projects. On behalf of all the members; Willie, Mike, Rob, Brian and even Que, we would like to thank all of the “fams” aka fans, dj’s across the world, promoters, radio programmers, Bad Boy Entertainment, Starstruck Management, BET, VH1 and FUSE and all DAY26 supporters in general, for your unending support throughout these years.

We would also like to acknowledge that this journey would have not been made possible without the vision and mastermind of Sean “Diddy” Combs and of course MTV Networks for making a group of unknown men, the stars that they are today.

I personally don't see them getting back together, which is a shame because they are a good group. Also, the last single they released, 'Made Love Lately', was a BANGER!!!

Another Bad Boy group bites the dust...

Monday, 9 July 2012

New Video: French Montana Ft. Rick Ross, Drake And Lil Wayne- Pop That

Marsha Ambrosius Debuts New Song At Essence Music Festival

The title of the song is 'Friends And Lovers' off of her forthcoming album of the same name... Even this 1:46 secs is getting me excited!

Peep the track below...

Rick Ross's 'God Forgives, I Don't' Tracklisting...

1. Pray for Us
2. Pirates
3. 3 Kings feat. Dr. Dre and Jay-Z
4. Ashamed
5. Maybach Music IV feat. Ne-Yo
6. Sixteen feat. André 3000
7. Amsterdam
8. Hold Me Back
9. 911
10. So Sophisticated feat. Meek Mill
11. Presidential feat. Elijah Blake
12. Ice Cold feat. Omarion
13. Touch’N You feat. Usher
14. Diced Pineapples feat. Wale and Drake
15. Ten Jesus Pieces feat. Stalley

Looks like Rozay wants to go real hard on his 5th album. '3 Kings' w/ Jay-Z and Dr Dre should be sick! 'Sixteen' w/ Andre 3000, and the fourth instalment of 'Maybach Music' w/ Ne-Yo should all make for interesting listening...

Friday, 6 July 2012

New Music: Trey Songz- Simply Amazing

Another song from the forthcoming 'Chapter 5' Album. Not feeling this one as much as '2 reasons' and 'Dive In', but I like the lyrics... What do you think???

New Music: Trey Songz- Dive In

Trey songz- Dive In

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

2 Chainz Reveals Album Cover For 'Based On A T.R.U. Story'...

Does what it says on the can lol...

Due for release in August!

Frank Ocean Clears Up Sexuality Rumours...

OK, so yeaterday the internat was buzzing with stories about OFWGKTA singer, Frank Ocean, revealing he was infact gay/bi-sexual/had a gay experience on some of the songs on his new album.

Well today the singer took to his Tumblr to clear up the rumours, and let everyone know exactly what was going on. In a very open and personal letter, the singer spoke about being in love with another man when he was 19 years old. 

Peep the letter below-

See the letter in full here

I have to commend Frank for his openness, especially in a Hip Hop/RnB industry that basically sees everything that is wrong as gay!

For someone in his position, this can definitely serve as inspiration for those out there who may be confused about how they feel re: their sexuality, and see that they have nothing to be ashamed of.

I just hope there isn't some krazy backlash for him.

Well done Mr Ocean.

New Music: Jeremiah Ft. R Kelly- Misunderstood ***BANGER***

Jeremiah Ft. R Kelly- Misunderstood

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New Video: Dappy- Tarzan 2 (I'm Coming)

Frank Ocean Comes Out On New Album...?

It is being reported that OFWGKTA crooner, Frank Ocean, could be coming out of the closet on his lateset album, with some very open lyrics on some of the songs which appear on his new 'channel ORANGE' album.

He opens up about his sexuality on songs, 'Bad Religion', 'Pink Matter' and 'Forrest Gump', singing about his love for a 'him'.

The singer previewed songs on the album during a listening party in London last night.

If he is gay, I don't think many people will care that much to be honest! He's always been a different kind of artist anyway. The album is released later this month, so this could also be a bit of a publicity stunt like when Tulisa's 'video' dropped just before her first solo single.

Either way, his sexuality has nothing to do with his music, and is his own business! We're all grown...

I'm looking forward to the album a little bit more now so I can draw my own conclusions...


New Music: Kelly Rowland Ft. Lil Wayne- Ice And Keyshia Cole Ft. Lil Wayne- Had Enough Of No Love

Keyshia takes this one in my opinion...

Kelly Rowland Ft. Lil Wayne- Ice

Keyshia Cole Ft. Lil Wayne- Had Enough Of No Love