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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New Video: Scorcher Ft. Preeya Kalidas- It's A Problem

New Video: Beyonce- 1+1

Bit late in the day, but hey, I been busy! sue me...

UK Movie Trailer: Demons Never Die

After a few delays and a name change 'Demons Never Die' formerly known as 'Suicide Kids' is finally due to get an October 28th release...

Movie synopsis-

When Amba takes her own life, Archie Eden and seven other depressed London teenagers decide to follow her lead and create a suicide pact. As the group begins to die one by one, Archie realizes they have all become the target of a masked killer and that his own commitment to death has become a terrifying fight for survival and a battle to protect the girl he loves, but who is the killer?

The movie stars- Tulisa Contostavlos, Robert Sheehan, Ashley Walters, Andrew Ellis, Arnold Oceng, Jacob Anderson, Reggie Yates, Emma Rigby, Femi Oyineran, Jack Doolon, Peter Baladi, Jason Maza, Jennie Jacques and Shanika Warren-Markland.

New Video: Mark Morrison Ft. DMX- I Don't Want To Die

Mark Morrison with the help of DMX, has released a heartfelt song inspired by the UK riots that shattered the country a couple of weeks ago.

This song is also set to appear on his upcoming album 'I Am What I Am'. Guess you could call it 'The Return Of The Mack'...

This promo video depicting the horrific riots (Warning, it contains graphic images of looting and violence).


Movie Trailer: 35 & Ticking

MTV VMAs 2011 Wrap Up...

The MTV Video Music Awards were aired on MTV UK last night, and the show was a lil' different from past shows.

First off, there was no formal presenter and excluding the pre-show warm up, the show was only two hours long. I got a lil' excited when I saw Kevin Hart, but I couldn't see him doing the BET Awards and the VMAs. For his lil' cameo's he did his thing.

I actually watch the show this afternoon (Sky+), due to unforeseen circumstances and I thought it was kool! There seemed to be an air of simplicity about the show and less thrills and spills, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Lady Gaga kept up her usual fuckery, this time she decided to dress like a dude...FOR THE ENTIRE SHOW!!! Nicki Minaj won awards which I personally feel she shouldn't have, I kept waiting to see Tinie, but then I remembered it was US MTV so hopefully next year he'll appear. One of the nicest things to see was Adele and Jessie J reppin' the UK to the fullest.

Strange there was no mention of The Twilight movies and none of the actors/actresses presented any awards as they have for the last couple years! (they may have tbh because I fast forwarded a lot of the inbetween bits).

Performance of the night DEFINITELY goes to Chris Breezy who flipped and flew all over the venue! There was no way he would have been able to sing live and do all that, so I disagree with some of the tweets I saw from complaining fans. Even Jay-Z was left nodding in appreciation.

Beyonce and her gut full of Jigga did her thing, I grow to love her album more and more errr-day and it was nice to see the adoration Hov' had for his lady after she finished her performance and rubbed the belly holding the heir to the ROC throne!

Wasn't that excited with the 'Otis' performance, but I see that they were trying to re-create the scene chemistry from the video so I can't hate on that + that is my joint!

I'm gonna wait a few days to post performance vids as all the one's i've seen so far are unstable and i'm not really interested in having to edit this post tomorrow. Peep all the winners below and check back for the performances in a few days...

Katy Perry 
-  Firework
Tyler, The Creator
Justin Bieber 
- U Smile

Lady Gaga 
-  Born This Way

Nicki Minaj
 - Super Bass

Britney Spears
 - Till The World Ends
Foo Fighters
 - Walk 
Katy Perry feat. Kanye West
 - E.T.

Lady Gaga 
-  Born This Way
- Run The World (Girls
Adele - Rolling In The Deep
Katy Perry feat. Kanye West - E.T.
Adele - Rolling In The Deep 
Adele - Rolling In The Deep 
Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise



(WHAT THE F**K?!?)

RiRi Gets Waxed In Berlin...

Madame Tussauds that is! Not too sure about the outfit though...

New Video: Nicki Minaj Ft. Rihanna- Fly

New Video: Pusha T Ft. Kevin Cossom- Feeling Myself

Monday, 29 August 2011

J Cole 'Cole World: The Sideline Story' Official Tracklisting

1. Intro
2. Dollar and a Dream III
3. Can’t Get Enough Ft. Trey Songz
4. Lights Please
5. Interlude
6. Sideline Story
7. Mr. Nice Watch Ft. Jay-Z
8. Cole World
9. In The Morning Ft. Drake
10. Lost Ones
11. Nobody’s Perfect Ft. Missy Elliott
12. Never Told (Prod. No I.D.)
13. Rise and Shine
14. God’s Gift
15. Breakdown
16. Cheer Up
Bonus: Nothing Lasts Forever
Bonus: Work Out
Bonus: Daddy’s Little Girl

Justin Timberlake Stars In 'In Time'

Happy Birthday MJ (R.I.P)

MJ would've celebrated his 53rd Birthday today! Let's blast every album he ever made in his honour, back to back, ALL DAY!!!!

The King lives on...

Beyonce Is Having A Bey Bey...

Jay finally did it...

Beyonce premiered her baby bump at the MTV Video Awards last night. I guess there won't be much booty shaking for a while!

Congrats Jay and Bey'.

(Image via The Telegraph)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

New Video: Erick Sermon Ft. Rick Ross- Ain't Me

Kelly Rowland Vibe Magazine Outtake Pics

These pics won't be in the new Vibe mag... Enjoy!

And these are the pics you'll see in the article...

Love a bit of choc'lit and Ms Kelly always provides it!!

(For my boy @LJSeptembersOwn)

Reebok Classics Presents: Lauryn Hill

Fashion iLike: BAPE Harris Tweed Collection

(Via Highsnobiety)

Fashion iLike: Supra Thrillers

(Via Highsnobiety)

Fashion iLike: Nike Air Force 1 Brasils

(Via High Snobiety)

Mutya Wins Rights To Sugarbabes Name

Former Sugarbabe member, Mutya Buena, has won the rights to the 'Sugarbabes' name. The singer who left the group in 2005, has been battling with her former group for the last two years finally won her court case.

She took to her Facebook page to express her glee saying-

“I won the official name of the Sugababes now!!! I deserve this! I’m over the moon!”

I thought Keisha was the one who started the group???

Celebrating The Life Of Aaliyah Ten Years On...

Can't believe it's been 10 years since Aaliyah Dana Haughton tragically died in an aeroplane crash after filming her 'Rock The Boat' video! She was definitely taken too soon and although her style has often been imitated, it has never been duplicated.

Many artists, both male and female constantly praise Aaliyah for being their inspiration and with good cause. Her music touched the lives of many and with her acting career just taking off, who knows what heights she would have reached...

Ten years on we still still bump her songs as if they were new as the quality hasn't and never will fade!

R.I.P. Babygurl x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Will And Jada Seperation 'FALSE'...???


The good folk over at NecoleBitchie.com are reporting that a family friend has moved to quash the rumours via Radar Online.

The article reads-

This is absolutely not true,” a family member –who did not want to be identified – exclusively told RadarOnline.com Tuesday about the rumors that the couple has broken up. “No way are they splitting up. They are totally together and are not separating,”. A separate source that works very closely with Smith at his production company, Overbrook Entertainment, exclusively told RadarOnline.com: “The rumors are not true. Not sure who the source was but they are wrong. All is good in their relationship”

The plot thickens! I'll keep you posted...


Will And Jada Pinkett-Smith Split After 13 Years Of Marriage???

I hope this isn't true...

After 13years of marriage, it is 'rumoured' that Will and Jada have decided to call time on their marriage.

The couple who have two children together met on the set of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and Jada was very supportive of Will who had not long divorced from his first wife, Sheree Zampino with who he has a son, Willard aka Trey.

The couple were recently featured in Architertural Digest Magazine, showing their 25,000 square foot home.

When describing the layout of the 25,000sq ft house, Smith gushed that it had been designed with no 'dead ends… to create an infinite cycle that represented what Jada and I hoped for our love'.

Jada, 39, also told the magazine- 'For Will and me this home was always a spiritual endeavour'.

'We’re very earthy, organic people. We wanted to create a family retreat, something made by hand and as natural as possible, something that ties back to the land.'

She continued- 'Whatever it becomes, the craftsmanship will always represent our union and the love of our family.'

This is really sad if it's true, but like us they are human! Like I said earlier, I hope it isn't true...

First Halle and Eric, now Will and Jada



Respect Magazine 'The Throne' Cover

Pharrell's Smirnoff Start Pure Commercial

New Mixtape: The Weekend- Thursday

FIFA 2012 Trailer

See more Game Videos at EA.com.

Lil Wayne To Release 'Carter IV' Digitally After MTV VMA's

With the release date of Weezy's 'Carter IV' fast approaching, the rapper has given all his fans some good news ahead of the 2011 MTV VMA's.

The highly anticipated album will now be available at midnight on iTunes, directly after the awards show.

The rapper said-

“I am extremely excited to be the first artist to utilize such an amazing idea. I hope that I can open the door for others,”

Physical copies are still set to hit stores on the 29th August.

Affion Crockett Vs Chris Breezy MJ Dance Off!

Blackberry To Launch 'BBM Music' Service

It has emerged that RIM are developing a new music subscription service that will allow subscribers to play music on their phones.

The service is designed to work alongside the Blackberry Messenger Service, and will be known as BBM Music. It's been said that users could be able to access up to 50 songs at one time, but prices have yet to be decided.

According to sources, the company has already signed, or are preparing to sign, agreements with four music power houses, Vivendi Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner and EMI.

The move is aimed at attracting younger consumers to the product, which is facing tough competition from Apple's iPhone and others.

Looks like Blackberry are trying to regain their popularity points they lost from the iPhone... 

R.I.P Nick Ashford

"Nick Ashford, one-half of the legendary Motown songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson that penned elegant, soulful classics for Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye has died at the age of 70 from throat cancer.

Ashford and his wife Valerie Simpson wrote Motown classics Ain't No Mountain High Enough and Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand (recorded by Ross and You're All I Need To Get By (made famous by Gaye and Tammi Terrell) and they also wrote pop hits such as I'm Every Woman", which was a hit for Chaka Khan and, later, Whitney Houston.

They also had success writing for themselves: Perhaps the biggest known hit sung by them was the 1980s hit Solid As A Rock.

Ashford and Simpson's relationship stretched more than four decades. They met in 1964 in a New York City church; Ashford, a South Carolina native, had come to the city to pursue a dance career. Simpson was a music student, and after connecting with her, they decided to start to write songs together". 


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dappy- Tarzan Freestyle (SBTV)

The Game, Rick Ross And Beanie Sigel Almost Formed Supergroup

Via xxlmag.com

"With Jay-Z and Kanye West forming The Throne and releasing their highly anticipated Watch The Throne LP, fans are buzzing on Twitter and other social networks what other supergroups could possibly form and put out an album. Game revealed to XXLMag.com, that he and his friends, Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel, were close to aligning as a trio, but it never quite took shape because of their schedules and other business interests.

“Me, Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel [were going to call ourselves] ‘ESPN (Everyday Stacking Paper Niggas),’” Game told XXL recently in New York. “That’s what it is. We entertained doing a group before, but then Rick Ross went crazy with the Maybach Music Group and he signed Meek Mill and all of them. So that reality didn’t come to pass. But that’s where it was when we did ‘Heavy Artillery.’ If you can imagine an album with us three.” 

Definitely three hott rappers, but i'm not sure how a group thing would have went down, I guess some things aren't meant to be... 

The Throne Break iTunes Sales Record

Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative album Watch the Throne broke the record set by Jay's mate Chris Martin and the Coldplay boys for the best-ever first week sales for a new album in the iTunes store.

The Watch The Throne album was available exclusively on iTunes before it went on general release sold 290,000 copies whilst Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends sold 282,000 copies in June 2008.

So far the album has sold somewhere between 410-450,000 copies. With two versions available to buy (the deluxe has 15 tracks whereas the original only has 12), the UK has been shown major love again as you can get both in your local HMV, you may have to request the deluxe version be brought to you from the stock room like I did though.

Make sure you copp WTT, it's an essential purchase.

Rolling Stones Crowns Eminem 'King Of Hip Hop'

Rolling Stones magazine has crowned Marshall 'Eminem' Mathers as the King Of Hip Hop based on YouTube views, and social media data collected and scored.

With the table below the numbers do not lie, but I'm sure there are people who would have given the title to others!

What are your views??? For the full (and VERY LONG AND DRAWN OUT STORY) click here

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Meek Mill- Dreamchaser Mixtape

The Sitter Trailer (Looks tooooooo funny!!!)

Billboard Magazine Tribute Issue Cover

Common Ft. Nas- Ghetto Dreams (Official Video)

New Video: Young Jeezy- Win (Official Video)

Affion Crockett- In The Flow

Affion Crockett has a new comedy show about to premier in the States on August 14th, and it will prolly never get here, but here's a vid he's done to accompany the show.

Also peep the second vid where Peter Gunz (who is Corey Gunz Dad) doesn't take too kindly to his son being mocked.. kinda lol

New Music: Cee Lo Green- Cry Baby

Jay-Z Tops Forbes Hip Hop Rich List

Jay-Z tops the list with a whopping $37 milli made last year, more than the Mrs Beyonce, who he hasn't beat to the top spot since they married in 2008.

Jay earned his gwap from his stakes in the New Jersey Nets, his 40/40 club/restaurant chain, his ad firm Translations and more.

For the full list of Hip Hops top earners see here

New Video: The Saturdays- All Fired Up

Hey Mollie...

Frank Ocean For Fader Magazine

The Odd Future/WGKTA member covers this months Fader. Peep the sneak preview from his interview below...

"When he was nine, Frank Ocean's godfather subscribed him to Robb Report, a magazine for the ultra-rich. Less interested in fiduciary smarts, it's a catalog of conspicuous consumption, highlighting tropical vacations, invaluable antiques and, as Ocean came to know, really expensive cars. Though he comes from a middle class family, he obsessively read the magazine's classified ads, fixating on exorbitantly priced used Bentleys and Maybachs.

“I would just fall in love with all their cars. That was the start.” Ocean, whowas born Christopher Breaux (and goes by Lonny to friends), downscaled his material desires, and when he was 13, began going door-to-door, detailing cars for cash. “I would bring all my supplies. Literally, it was like a movie, I had a wagon, those long red wagons, like a Radio Flyer-type wagon, and I used to buy my own soaps.”

(Via Fader Mag)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) 2011

The 2011 BUFF takes place from September 16th-18th. The 3 day event will showcase some of the best up and coming movies from Britains best urban actors/actresses and directors.

To get more info, head over to http://britishurbanfilmfestival.co.uk/ to get more info on the what will be showing and how to get your tickets.

Peep some of the trailers below...