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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Supreme And Nike Air Force 1 Pack

Supreme has joined Nike to release a new version of the Air Force 1. Made exclusively for Supreme, the sneaker features authentic NYCO fabric that is traditionally used to produce military outerwear.

NYCO fabric is highly durable and water resistant. The Nike Air Force 1 will be available in three colorways.

The sneaker will release in black, olive and camouflage and will be available in-store in NY, LA, London and online on November 15th. The sneaker will be available in Japan on October 17th.

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Rihanna GQ Pics ***GOOD LAWWWWWD***

I'ma have to purchase this edition! NO LONG...

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Rihanna's 'Unapologetic' Tracklist...

Daley Drops 'Alone Together' EP...

The UK's very own Daley drops his official US debut EP 'Alone Together' today on iTunes.

For those who know, Daley has been putting in work for a hott minute! He released his 'Those Who Wait' mixtape in 2011, which featured the amazing single 'Alone Together', with another of the UK's finest, Marsha Ambrosius.

The EP features his newest single 'Remember Me' ft. Jessie J, and 'Blame The world', which surfaced on YouTube last night.

I went on to iTunes earlier, and could not find the EP, so I'm assuming it's only on the US iTunes, but hopefully it will get here soon... (I'm sure you can find it if you search hard enough *wink wink*)

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