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Saturday, 8 December 2012

New Music: Juliyaa- Stars And Dragons

North London beauty Juliyaa, releases her first EP/album 'Stars & Dragons',

The 6 track EP is an eclectic mix of soul, RnB, dance, and drum and bass tracks, which provide the soundtrack for some beautifully written songs (listen to 'IWIHIA' for example...) sure to please the ears of any music connoisseur.

For those of you who follow Julliyaa on Instagram (like me...) you would have seen the talented singer/songwriter hard at work in various studios, with various musicians, putting Stars & Dragons together.

It's nice to get some new music, especially since her last offerings, 'The Rhythm' and 'Smile' were so good!

Stand out tracks for me are- 'Tidal Wave', 'Like Magic', and 'IWIHIA'. This EP is definitely one for your collection.

Preview and download it below...