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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Introducing The iCam

Unfortunately this iPhone accessory does not yet exist, but it could sometime in the future! I'd definitely look in to purchasing one for my iPhone 5 (future thinking ofcourse).

Jay-Z And Kanye West Perform 'Nukkas In Paris' At Vicky's Secrets Show

Hov looking madd happy these days boy! Good look...

Vybz Kartel Is NOT On The Run!!! LOL

Okay, so despite the BBM broadcasts you may have received this morning, and the 'On the run tweets', Vybz Kartel has not escaped from prison and is very much still on remand for murder and drug offences. This has been confirmed by Jamaican authority officials.

It was fun whilst it lasted I guess! Shame on you high profile gossip moungers too... tut tut tut

New Music: Pleasure P- I Love Girls

I Love Girls

New Video: Ryan Leslie- Beautiful Lie ***BANGER***

R Les's flow is kinda ill on this one...

Friday, 25 November 2011

New Video: Cee-Lo Green- Anyway

Rick Ross And Wale Cover Billboard Magazine

New Video: JLS- Do You Feel What I Feel?

New Video: Beyonce- Dance For You (Watch It Before It's Gone!!)

Must be on the Re-release of '4'

New Music: G Frsh- Purgatory EP

Purgatory sees G Frsh give the listener an insight into his life through a perspective yet to be heard from the enigmatic UK rapper. Track for track you become consumed by the depth of his musical pallet and his effortless ability to put together incredibly witty lines, whilst conveying a story with the clearest of clarity.

In addition to the release of this EP G Frsh will be dropping one new incredible video a week, which he co-directed like all his other impressive videos.

Get your copy here and keep supporting Frsh Entertainment, Disturbing London and UK music

New Music: Marsha Ambrosius- Happy Thanksgiving

M\arsha drops a new song for Thanksgiving, not sure if it's a short and sweet one or a snippet, but like most of her material, I'm loving it...

New Music: Trey Songz- Sex Ain't Better Than Love ***BANGER***

Sex Ain't Better Than Love

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Amber Rose's Smirnoff Commercial...

Nicki Minaj Releases New Album Info...

Nicki Minaj has tweeted that she will be releasing her next project, 'Pink Friday: ROMAN RELOADED' on valentines day 2012.

Not sure if it will be a new album or a re-release of her first album with a few new joints, but i'm sure the Barbies and Ken's will be getting excited.

In other Nicki news... The rapper has just completed filming for her song 'Turn Me on', which is featured on the David Guetta 'Nothing But The Beat' album.

Kelly Rowland And Her X Factor Girls Talk To Kelly Rowland...

The girls look soooooooooo interested too!

Movie Trailer: The Darkest Hour

New Video: Ikes Ft. Scorcher And Jermaine Riley- Girl Talk

'GirlTalk' is the latest song from rapper IKES to receive the visual treatment, in the form of a lyric video, following on from the his last single, 'Tailormade'. 

The track features North London MC, Scorcher, and RnB singer/songwriter Jermaine Riley, and is produced by long-term collaborator Maleek Berry of Port Mayfair.

'GirlTalk' is featured on IKES’ forthcoming EP 'The Intermission: Last Call' out in December.

Kelly Rowland Derek Banks Photoshoot Pics

Never fails to disappoint me!

New Video: Robin Thicke- Love After War

Tyga's 'Careless World' Album Cover

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

T.I. New Album Info And New Single 'Pyro'...

T.I. has announced the title of his forthcoming album. Having recorded over 50 songs for 'Trouble Man', T.I. is set to release it some time in February 2012.

The veteran rapper has so far released two promotional singles in 'I’m Flexin', which features Big K.R.I.T. and 'Hear Ye' Hear Ye', featuring Pharrell Williams. A new single is being lined for release soon titled 'Pyro.'

About his new single, T.I. said-

"I have this one record ‘Pyro’ that I'm proud of. It is a straight party record. It’s nostalgic of those crazy nights, early mornings [but] just turned up."

Listen to 'Pyro' below...

New Video: N.O.R.E. Ft. Pusha T And Meek Mill- Scared Money ***BANGER***

Monday, 21 November 2011

Beyonce Shows Off Baby Bump At DVD Launch...

Say it's fake now haters LOL...

Beyonce- Live At Roseland (Full Show Available For A Limited Time Only!!)

New Video: Amy Winehouse- Our Day Will Come

New Music: Young Jeezy Ft. Jay-Z And Andre 3000- I Do

Chris Brown Performs At The AMAs (American Music Awards)

21111222851 by YardieGoals

Frank Ocean Named Rookie Of The Year In GQ Magazine

There is no denying that 2011 was a great year for Frank Ocean. After garnering global attention for his outstanding Nostalgia.Ultra mixtape and collaborating with The Throne, BeyoncĂ© and more, the New Orleans-born, Los Angeles-based crooner has now received even more honors. Ocean was named “Rookie of the Year” by acclaimed style magazine GQ in their “Men of the Year” issue, which features Jay-Z on the cover.

Eminem And Yelawolf Cover Vibe End Of Yesar Issue

I'm intrigued to see their take on the riots also! Might have to pick up this issue.

New Video: Young Jeezy Ft. T.I.- F.A.M.E.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Documentary: Young Jeezy- .38

New Video: Beyonce- 'End Of Time' And 'I Was Here' Compilation Videos

Rozay Pushes 'God Forgives, I Don't' Back To The New Year

The release of God Forgives, I Don't, the latest full-length opus from Rick Ross,has been pushed to early 2012 after originally being pegged with a Dec. 13 release date.

Island Def Jam senior vp of marketing Chris Atlas tells Billboard that the label hopes to release the album "around first quarter, early second quarter" of 2012, with an official release date still to be determined. Atlas says that the seizure Ross suffered while on a flight to Memphis, Tenn. in mid-October is part of the reason why the release of Ross' fifth album, which follows last year's Teflon Don, has been delayed.

"I think we're all aware of his recent health issue, and based on some of the minor setbacks with that, we weren't able to confirm certain opportunities, because he physically wasn't able to deal with certain things at the time," says Atlas. "We want this to be his biggest album -- we know it's going to be his biggest album -- so we did not want to pressure him into releasing an album based on the sake of a date."

After the health scare last month, Ross canceled a scheduled concert date in Greensboro, N.C., citing health concerns. In an appearance on MTV's RapFix Live on Wednesday (Nov. 16), Ross said that the Dec. 13 date was still "tentative," and that, "If I wanted to, I'm pretty sure I could still meet that date."

Hopefully Rozay drops another single from the album that is better the two previous one's 'cause I wasn't feeling them AT ALL!!

New Video: Rihanna Performs Live On X Factor US

50 Cent Covers XXL Mag End Of Year Issue,,, 5 TIMES!!!!

New Music: Busta Rhymes Ft. Chris Brown- Why Stop

New music: Mary J BLige Ft. Beyonce- Love A Woman

Rihanna- "I Don't Want To Become A Gimmick"

That's right, the Bajan beauty has said that she is going to 'scale back' her raunchy/sexy/promiscuous ways and let her music do the talking for her from now on.

Talking to Ryan Seacrest stateside, RiRi said-

"I kinda just wanted to scale right back instead of having a look. I didn't want to make it such a big deal about what hair colour or what cut (I have). I just wanted to go right back to something simple and something flexible, something a little more natural. It's more about the music. I don't want to become a gimmick, ever. Well, I ran out of (hair) colours, so that's why I decided to go back to my natural colour."

Rihanna (and Christina Aguilera) was publicly chastised last year for her raunchy performance on the X Factor final show, which I think was one of her best to date, whilst former Spice Girl Mel C recently singled her out for being part of the 'Pornification of pop'.

Only thing I have to say to Rihanna is whether you like it or not you are a sex symbol for both males and females. Also sex sells as well as controversy, so tone it down likkle piece but not too much!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New Video: John West Ft. Big Sean- Already There

New Video: Machine Gun Kelly Ft. Waka Flocka Flame- Wild Boys

New Christian Louboutin Spring 2012 Sneakers

OK, I don't particularly like the Loubi kicks, but I know you lot do! The first pair are just straight butterz, second are not too bad, but I like the last pair even though I wouldn't wear them.

Will Smith Holding Up Independence Day 2 & 3...???

It seems that Big Willie is the only thing holding up scripts for two follow-up movies to 1996's Independence Day by wanting a massive 30 milli!

As well as the massive upfront payment, he also wants a cut of the movies' profits, a say in the script ideas and roles for both wife Jada and daughter Willow. The stars excessive demands are now making producers think that they should press on without him.

Smiths constant meddling is also the reason why Men In Black III has taken so long to come out, and there's also talk of Bad Boys III, but who knows if that will see the light of day now.

New Video: Common- Sweet

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Drake Covers Complex Magazine + Interview Snippets

Drake covers Complex's December/January 2011-2012 issue, where he discusses everything from the critcisim of his sweaters, to becoming a Canadian rapper to blow up in America, and his many women.

Read some of the interview below.

On His "Headlines" Video:

The “Headlines” video ends with Drake standing alone in the Rogers Centre—previously known as the SkyDome—looking to the clouds as the roof opens. I remark that shutting down the SkyDome must have cost a lot. Drake says the video only cost $60,000. “It’s always a phone call out here,” he says with a smile. “Anything is a phone call.”

More than the drop-top stadium, the video’s most talked-about image was Drake draped in all-black Nike apparel, surrounded by two groups of ominous-looking dudes in black hoodies. Blog commenters derided him for renting some thugs to make himself look tough.

But the guys in question are not some newly assembled goon squad. Most come from two of Toronto’s worst neighborhoods, Malvern and Galloway, which have been warring for the past few years. “There’s a lot of people lost in that situation, and through having mutual friends in both of those hoods, we were all able to come together, shoot that video, and immortalize that moment,” says Drake—visibly perturbed that he has to explain himself. “I don’t brag about my hood stories. Everybody’s like, ‘Get the fuck out of here with that shit,’ but I’ve done a lot for the streets out here.”

On Not Being Gangster:

Drake has no delusions of himself as a gangster. He knows he’s at his best when paring down real-life events and emotions other rappers would never tackle. “Any musical sound is real to me,” Drake says as another round of drinks hits the table. “It doesn’t matter if it’s from like Lana Del Ray all the way to Future from Atlanta or ASAP Rocky. Sonically, you can do whatever you want. That’s the beautiful thing about music: you get to make a choice. The more you can start pinpointing pieces of your actual life and start pulling it into your music, people will be like, ‘Damn, that’s something I’ve only thought about, but this guy put it into a song.’ ” He mentions the drunk-dialing ditty “Marvin’s Room” as one example of a song drawn from his daily life.

But if music is a blend of reality and artistic license, where does Drake’s talk about catching bodies fall? “Who’s going to catch a body with all these niggas rapping about murder?” he asks. “Who’s really putting a body on a gun?” C-Murder and Gucci Mane come to mind, but I say nothing. “When I say, ‘You’re going to make someone around me catch a body like that,’ that’s something you can ask them about.” He points to his boy Chubbs—the one who’s “in love with street shit.”

On The Toronto Movement:

When Drake talks about his Toronto movement, he’s primarily speaking about the people in this room. He’s glad to provide his friends with the means to better their lives. “All these people are happier than they’ve ever been,” he says. “They can afford to get their own place, get their own car, or maybe it’s just having a jacket, feeling a part of something. I’m embracing that role.”

Drake’s continued to put on for his city by shining light on a Toronto- based singer named Abel Tesfaye. You know him as The Weeknd. The 21-year-old with the wicked falsetto has put out two strong mixtapes, further establishing October’s Very Own as a force. “I wasn’t like ‘Yo, I’m looking for new artists,’ ” says Drake. “The Weeknd was presented to me, and anybody with any form of an ear can understand why I had to fully embrace that.”

On Girls:

He was recently snapped playing tennis with Serena Williams. Surely there’s more to their pairing than a couple of aces, right? Drake smiles and gives a ready-made response: “I really, really love and care for Serena Williams. She’s incredible. That’s someone I’m proud to say I know. She’s definitely in my life and I’m in her life. It’s great to watch her play tennis. Very impressive.”

When asked about Quincy Jones’s Harvard-educated daughter (and star of Parks & Recreation) Rashida Jones, Drake pauses, then offers: “Rashida has a beautiful, beautiful spirit. So talented, so funny. I met her at Rihanna’s birthday party. I was DJing and she liked my set.”

On "Take Care":

Take Care, he says, will be the soundtrack for that metamorphosis. “Take Care has a lot of meanings,” he tells me. “It grew into a whole mind set... Never forgetting the past, but just embracing this moment and saying ‘take care’ to any doubt, any second-guessing. This is it. I have a great album. I have a great team. I have my visuals together. I have a great live show—those are all things that I know. I’m not doubting myself. I’ve never been in that position. This is my first time. And I hope I’m right, because I know I’m right to me.”

New Music: Rihanna- Cockiness (Love It)

This is prolly my favourite track off of the new album... What you think???

Rihanna 'Talk That Talk' Press Pics...