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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Vidz iLike: Dennis Brown- Money In My Pocket (Top Of The Pops 1977)

Vintage performance on Top Of The Pops. R.I.P. Dennis Emmanuel Brown...

Weekend Round-Up

So another weekend has come and gone... My adventures took me to Croydon this weekend. After hitting up Zara and Office I saw that the Blackberry Torch was FINALLY available on Tief-Mobile. Let's cut a long story short basically, to get the phone I would have to change my tarif and take a deal that would give me less than what I have now (in terms of minutes etc...). Let's just say I was unable to speech the sales assistant and I will more than likely be leaving T-Mobile by Christmas time...

I'm REALLY starting to lose interest in X Factor this year. Wagner is joke ("Love Shack"), Paije keeps scrapping through, Katie's chin can apparently do the 'Nuh Linga' (via the homie @XianLoves), Aiden is scarily intense and TreyC still hasn't found her true style.

I get the feeling Dannii won't be on the judges panel next year as she seems to get more and more unpopular. I won't be going out of my way to tune in everyweek now, and as I type this Belle Amie and Katie are in the bottom two!

Pissed!!! Belle Amie just got sent home...

In more exciting news, my boys THE MIGHTY ARSENAL FC continued to march up the premier league table with a hard-fought win over West Ham. Chelsea snuck a win at Blackburn, Man U got the craziest result against the dirty Yids and Man City lost at Wolves (Great Times)...

Have to send a special shout-out to Newcastle manager Chris Hughton. After all the furore around his future at the club (let's not mention the beating we gave them in the Carling Cup on Wednesday), he guided Newcastle to a very convincing 5-1 win over their North-East Rivals Sunderland and was named on the Blacklist 50 2010.

Keep up the good work Sir, we need more black men in postions of power, especially in football.

Images via anorak.co.uk, dailymail.co.uk, footballblog.co.uk, tmonews.com

Shots Fired: Nicki Minaj Ft. Eminem- Roman's Revenge

Could Nicki be referring to a particular queen of the bees? Either way this tune is BAD!

Considering I haven't really been feeling the singles she's released off of 'Pink Friday' so far, things just looked up!

Let me know what you think(?)

Chris Hughton And Rio Ferdinand Honoured On The 2010 Black List

Newcastle United manager Chris Hughton, England captain Rio Ferdinand and England women’s manager Hope Powell have been named on a list of the 50 most influential black people in football.

Founded in 2008 by Leon Mann and Rodney Hinds, the awards celebrates the contributions and achievements of black sportspersons away from the game.

The list recognizes key figures including coaches and managers in the professional and amateur game, members of the media, key administrators in football and people active in the community.

The 50 on the list will come together at a celebratory evening, hosted by the FA, later this month at Wembley Stadium where awards will be presented.

For a full list of the 50 people visit The Blacklist Full 50

New UK Issh: AKS- The Con

I have been following this artist both personally and professionally for a long time now, and for those that know about AKS and have been sitting at the bus stop with us, you know the countdown clock is beginning to roll quicker.

Whilst he has been getting his sitution right behind the scenes, he always drops a lil' jewell for us to remember that he is very much still here!

This time around he has jumped on J Cole's 'Premeditated Murder' track to deliver his own politically-conscious tale for us all to take in. I honestly feel AKS is 'THE' next big thing to come ut of the UK... Come join us at the bus stop and make up you mind for yourself!

How many 'Cons' can you count?

AKS - The Con (Premeditated Murder Dub) by AKSonline

For more information on the MC hit up http://nothingmorenothingless.co.uk/blog/

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Cut The Chat- Tate Britain Edition

Make sure you visit the webiste www.cutthechat.co.uk for past episodes. You won't be disappointed!

Shout out to the homie Ace.

White iPhone 4 Delayed Until Spring 2011

Yesterday it was confirmed that the long awaited iPhone 4 in white, will not be availabloe until the spring of 2011.

Apple spokesperson Trudy Miller said...

“We’re sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone yet again, but we’ve decided to delay its release until this spring,”

Looks like all you iPhone friends are gonna have to wait a bit longer...

Monday, 25 October 2010

R.I.P. Gregory Isaacs (July 15th 1951- October 25th 2010)

Reggae legend Gregory Isaacs has passed away after he lost his battle with cancer.

The singer described as "The most exquisite vocalist in reggae" died at his London home on Monday  morning. After making his recording debut in 1968 ("Another Heartache"), Isaacs was part of the shortlived trio The Concords who split in 1970 when Isaacs went his own way.

By the late 70's aolng with Bob Marley and Dennis Brown, Isaacs was one of the biggest reggae performers in the world, famous in the UK, US and ofcourse Jamaica. In 1978 Isaacs signed to a Virgin Records imprint, Frontline Records and appeared in the cult movie Rockers in which he performed "Slavemaster".

In 1982 he releasaed his biggest hit to date, "Night Nurse" from the album of the same name and the rest as they say is history. Throughout the years he continued to record and tour and released his last album "Brand New Me" in 2008.

Gregory Isaacs is survived by his wife and children.

Image via telegraph.co.uk

DAMN HOMIE: Robert Curry (From Day 26)

I know the band has taken a brief hiatus to sort out their label situation, but has it come to this! Check out his new vid that would definitely make on to the playlist of a certain 'urban' Sky TV channel over here.

Can't deny he can sing, but DAMN HOMIE! in the words of Kano, "F*ck who's investing in you, I wanna know who's dressing you!"

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Weekend Round-Up

So another weekend is over which, means it's back to the sl*veship tomorrow!

In the Premiership, Chelsea continued their winning streak, West Ham continued their losing streak and unfortunately those dirty Yids (Tottenham Hotspur) didn't lose!

I didn't get involved in the Twitter banter when X Factor was on this week, but I did see the show and honestly, no one really impressed me! John's hair and blazer raised my eyebrow, TreyC's song choice, weave and outfit could well see her taking her big booty back to Brum and Cher kept up her usual f*ckery...

Piers Morgan interviwed Cheryl and it seems everyone and their Mum watched and waited for her to be asked about the toilet assistant beatdown, but it never came. The one thing I saw (via Twitter and BBM status's) was that many people now feel for her and don't think she's so bad anymore. I always thought she was cool personally, I wonder if Cashley was watching too?

After a night out at Alto failed to materialise it was just me, my PS3, and Phoneshop re-runs on the Sky+ until the early hours of Sunday morning.

Aound 3:45pm my heart began to beat a little harder, the reason for this was a certain football match happening in the blue half of Manchester. After a red card, missed penalty and the return of a certain Adebayor, my boys (THE MIGHTY ARSENAL FC) rolled out 3-0 winners and set me up nicely to head off to Mummy's for Sunday dinner and the X Factor results show.

It's half-term this week so, the morning commute will be less hectic (always tried to work out why???) and loud MP3 free.

Have a good week people...

Images via MarieClaire.co.uk/FA Premier League/SBTV.co.uk

Vidz iLike: Baracka Flaka Flame (NSFW), Ryan Leslie And Raheem DeVaughn (x2)

Monday, 18 October 2010

Seriously Yeezy???

I think I kinda understand the direction Kanye is taking with his now banned album cover, but did he really expect Def Jam to give this the green light?

Genius or Insane genius... I'll leave it to you to decide!

UK Starr Power

(A piece I wrote roughly a year ago, but never posted. Slightly edited...)

Over the last 3 years we have seen a major decline in hard copy magazines from our shelves, both UK and US

We have seen the demise of TOUCH, King, HHC (Hip Hop Connection and The (ORIGINAL) Blues & Soul due to the recession and companies trimming the purse strings of their advertising because, no matter how annoying we all found it skipping through 30+ pages of ads and those little cards that would eventually be used as page markers, those were the things that actually kept the magazines in print and people in jobs. The only survivors of this urban/black magazine death has been XXL *salute* and 'the new' Vibe which, like the magazine once dubbed 'The Hip Hop Bible' (The Source) should have stayed true to its original format. They are printing quarterly throughout the year. I guess they have to cram a lot into those wafer thin pages. I personally think they should just go digital! Going digital as well as print worked very well for Flavour magazine here in the UK.

As someone who used to spend £12-15 on magazines a month, the recent demise of print magazines has been a gift and a curse (a rise in the sheckles in my pocket. (At their prime, these defunct mags were asking for 375 pennies).

No more joy from tucking into freshly purchased pieces of paper that accompany me on my daily commute and inevitably end up at my barbers or in an orange recycle bag.

One of the better things to emerge from the ashes has been the  emergence of 'THE BLOG/BLOGGER'... Everyone now has access to the Internet in their homes/office/mobile phones and even by 'borrowing' someone's wireless who was silly enough to not put a password on their modem. This is where news travels the fastest, from different angles and different people!

Whether it be-

Fashion (Benjart Clothing, Streetz is Watchin', Play Dot, Braves Ones)

Music and entertainment (SocialWriters.blogspot, Soulculture, Brown-eyez.com, Mad News.biz, Musingsofabrixtongirl.blogspot)

Not to mention sites like Grime Daily and SBTV bringing straight visual entertainment and everyone one else who is doing something positive to bring information to the masses!!

Who would've thought they would see the day when mainstream media would be snooping through our blogs/sites/videos to see what's hot and what's not?

The point I’m trying to make is originally I was upset because I was no longer getting my magazines, but that has opened a door for us as UK artistes and entrepreneurs in our right to make a mark on the world from the ground level because there are MANY people who come from where we have, but as the saying goes 'Got rich and switch' and no longer want to help the person that was them 5-10 years ago.

For me this is a beautiful thing as I had no media training, but was fortunate enough to be given a chance by someone and now I work with many like-minded people who know there is more to life than just working to pay bills!

Tinchy, Dizzee and Tinie Tempah are number 1's...

Kojo and Eddie and Kevin J are bringing comedy to the forefront...

Giggs took his music from the streets to the mainstream...

Noel Clarke is writing and producing hit movies, Aml Ameen and Ashley 'Bashy' Thomas are starring in them...

Reggie Yates and Ace & Vis are presenting everything...

Charlene White is bringing us prime time news...

Alisha White is the people’s ‘Next Top Model’…

Scorcher, Wretch 32, Skepta, Chipmunk, Loick Esdien and Labrinth are on the rise...

We're here for a GOOD time, not a LONG time!


Disclaimer-*I know there are many people doing positive things that i haven't mentioned, but please don't feel disrespected as your efforts do not go unnoticed!*

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Fabolous Doesn't Make The BET List Of Top 10 Rappers of the 21st Century (WTF?)

So BET has released their list of the 21st Centurys top 10 rappers and to my shock and horror my man F-a-b-o didn't make the cut!

Here's the list-

1) Eminem
2) Lil' Wayne
3) Kanye West
4) 50 Cent
5) T.I.
6) Ludacris
7) Drake
8) Young Jeezy
9) Jadakiss
10) Rick Ross

Overall I can't really disagree, BUT surely Fab should be in there. The question is, who should be taken out?

Below I've put a few reasons why i'm so aggrieved... TELL ME HE DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE ON THE LIST!!!!

Let The Beat Build Freestyle

Pretty Girls Remix (2:25 mark)

Funk Flex Freestyle

For The Money Ft. Nicki Minaj

Vidz iLike: Ricky Rozay- I'm Not A Star

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Jay-Z To Release Deluxe Version Of 'The Hits Compilation' In November

Jay-Z will release a deluxe version of his 'The Hits Compilation' this November. As well as the CD it will include an art book titled Jay-Z: An Illustrated History.

This is definitely one for the Stans out there (like me!) not sure about a UK release on the deluxe edition, but I will update the post as soon as I find out so keep checking back!.


The above deluxe boxset is being advertised on Play.com for £69.99. There isn't much info on it as yet though.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Nerd PSA...

Ok, so as you all (should) know, I launched my blog on the 1/10/10 and after a good start things went a bit quiet. This was not due to lack of entusiasm or material to blog, but more the affect Killer Cam (David Cameron) and his shady mates are having on my 9-5!

Although I am a NKN I am also someone who has bills and dependents so, i've had to up my grizzy and make sure I have funding for my young people (i'm a youth and community worker for those who don't know...) next year to continue programme planning to keep their active minds occupied and on something constructive and away from anti-social behaviour

So please don't feel i'm not dedicated because that couldn't be further from the truth.

With that being said, I shall return all guns blazing in a week or so... Until then KEEP IT NERDISH


Movies iLike: Medicine For Melancholy

Saw this trailer bouncing aroound the internet last year, but never saw the movie surface in the UK.

As a lover of everything that is different and non-commercial I think im gonna prowl the net and see if it's hit DVD yet. Watch the trailer and let me know your thoughts...

G.O.O.D. Music BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher

I'm so glad that BET stuck with the whole cypher thing for 2010. I loved Nicki's verse from last years awards show...

This year Kanye's crew got their whistle and flutes on and spat some bars for the people. Mr West is building quite a strong empire over there with Common, Big Sean, Pusha T and Cyhi Tha Prynce.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Happy Birthday Dizz!!

Gotta send a MA-HOO-SIVE birthday shout to someone VERY SPECIAL to me...


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Tinie Scores Second No.1 With 'Written In The Stars'

I have to send a MASSIVE shout out to the homie Tinie Tempah on achieving his second number one single on the eve of the release of his highly anticipated album 'The Disc-Overy'.

As someone who's seen the grind and hardwork that Tinie, D1st and everyone at DL Records have been putting in since the beginning, this is well deserved!

Really and truly this should be Tinie's third number one considering Dizzee Rascal & James Corden's unofficial England World Cup 2010 anthem was repaid by England FLOPPING HARD, but that's another rant...

Bigg up Dumi!

Artwork via Coverlandia.blogspot

Friday, 1 October 2010

Dr Dre's Detox Is On The Way

Dr Dre says watching Eminem and Jay-Z in concert made him want to get back in the studio and finish up the highly anticipated 'Detox' album.

The good doctor said-

"Being on the stage with Eminem and Jay-Z was one of the most incredible feelings I've felt in a long time. It inspired me, it made me want to hurry up and get back in the studio and put more effort and more work into my own project,"

Dre was speaking to MTV on Wednesday during an event for his latest successful venture, Beats by Dre.

Read the rest of the story here- MTV

Vidz iLike: Rick Ross Ft. Slim Thug- Paid The Cost

Fashion iLike: Brave Ones

Brave Ones is a brand new exciting street wear venture emerging at the back end of 2010.

In reality as we go through life we tend to stick to what we know and rarely step out of our 'day to day' box. In order to elevate we sometimes need to take a risk, try something new and step out of our own individual box... to do this you need to be brave, in other words a 'Brave One'. 

Whilst the brand isn't striving for world domination... it is striving to forge its own history and produce limited pieces of clothing in the hope of creating a following. It isn't a mass production venture it will carve out its history along the exclusive line. Its more of a spontaneous brand. So bit by bit more pieces will be revealed and up for grabs.

The first piece to be released is the 'bang bang' t-shirt (see above) which, is will be limted to between 15-20 pieces being sold. This will be available at  http://www.bigcartel.braveones.com/

http://www.brave-ones.com/ launching very soon!

Fashion iLike: Supra & KR3W Franchise Sneaker

KR3W and SUPRA are proud to introduce “The Franchise” for Fall 2010. The collaborative pack consists of a SUPRA Vaider High, a snap-back hat and a bandana; all constructed out of KR3W grey 11 oz.slub denim.

Hopefully these bad boys will available in the UK soon! Check out Selfridges and Offspring as they currently stock the Supras brand.

Via Suprafootwear.com

Rising Starr Spotlight: Akiela Peters


Aspiring presenter ready to break out into the media industry. Currently undergoing various training roles which, have given her hands on experience with green screen, auto cue and also have helped to develop interviewing/improvising skills and the ability to build a rapport with my interviewee.

Possesses a natural flow and confidence when in front of the camera which, makes her perfect for the screen.

For more info contact Akiela at akiela@hotmail.co.uk

Congrats Kojo

Gotta send a bigg shout out to the homie Kojo on his new breakfast show on Choice FM.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new era for Choice as they've fell off over the last couple of years.

Looks like those crazy nights at Runway will be on hold for a while huh K?

Our Daily Blessings

Welcome To The Show...

After a few years of deliberation and a bit of procrastination I have decided to do this!

'This' being starting my own blog. As someone who already contributes to a well-established and successful blog already I feel I've gained enough experience and made enough mistakes to go it alone... For me 'NKN' will be a chance me to vent and talk about things i like and probably even more talk about the things I don't like every so often.

My objective is to make you smile when you're on the train/bus or at your desk and make everyone around you think you're a madman/woman...

Let's get NEON!

Ps- F@#k you rain for messing up my first background layout photoshoot!